Organic, Soil and Why Comanche Creek Farms is Certified.

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Organic, Soil and Why Comanche Creek Farms is Certified.

Many Farmers with the claim "Organic" do not submit themselves to any certification process, but here at Comanche Creek Farms we are certified by Organic Certifiers. We do this not just to have a "label" but because we are as concerned about the food we grow as we are about the food we eat. Here are a few of the difference you will find out at Comanche Creek Farms:

  1. Our Soil!

    Year round we work on our soil. From growing legumes to help fix the nitrogen to rotating crops that help recover the soil and prep it for our beautiful and delicious heirloom tomatos.

  2. Trained, hard working people

    During Harvest time we employee trained hard working people who pick and sort our fruits and vegetables. We then pack them and store them in our "Sorting Building". We keep them temperature controlled. as the Chief tells it: "Fifty degrees kills the ripening enzymes. Our tomatoes never see a temperature below fifty-five"

  3. Organic Certification

    Being Organic certified by a third-party means that at any time we could and will be inspected. This constant attentive attitude keeps everyone at Comanche Creek Farms working diligently, safely and cautious. Because from soil to plant we take care to make sure that we use no GMO (Genetically modified organism) seed. That we use only organic natural methods to cultivate the soil the plants grow from. And also clearly documenting every item, step, and process involved in growing organic.


We care about how the food is grown here not just because we eat it, but because you eat it. We want you to have the best tasting, the most healthy, and the way nature intended it to be - Organic.