C.S.A. Community Supported Agriculture

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C.S.A. Community Supported Agriculture

Q. What is Community Supported Agriculture?

A. Community Supported Agriculture, most commonly called "CSA" is a growing, 20 year old movement in which organic farmers sell directly to consumers, forming a unique community and partnership with them. In a CSA, subscribers help support small, regional farms by paying in advance for fresh, organic produce weekly throughout the year. The CSA model is good for conusmers. With CSAs, the variety of fresh, delicious food, directly from our farm or regionally grown using a minimum amount of fuel and packaging. They provide the consumer with a direct connection to the place where their food is grown and the people that grow it. Our CSA members have opportunities to visit the farm, get to know the farmers and other members of the CSA community, and learn more about sustainable agriculture.

Q. Can I choose what I get?

A. Your box is a selection of the best of that weeks harvest. We cannot customize the boxes and keep our prices low. Services that allow you to choose your box items are more expensive, and they tend to be delivery services rather than farms. We know you may not be able to use a certain item.  We have "trade out basket". For the one you leave,  we invite you to take a different item.  Those with certian dietary restrictions may exchange more than one item.

Q. How much food is it?

A. You will receive generally 7-9 different items for the Standard box and 8-11 different items for the Family Box. We are introducing the Single Box, which will be 25 % less quanities than the Standard Box, containing 6 - 8 items.  The qualities of each item are those that have worked well for our members in the past. In a typical spring week, you might receive a bunch of greens, a pint of strawberries, two pounds of fava beans, a pound of sugar snap peas, a bunch of fresh herbs, a 3/4-pound of salad mix, a bunch of spring garlic, and a bunch of spring onions. In the summer, you might receive a 2 - 2 1/2 lb. pound each of peaches, plums or nectarines, a 2 pound bag of summer squash, a 2 1/2 pound bag of onions, a pound and a half of green beans, and two pounds of tomatoes, two cucumbers and a bunch of basil. In fall, a box could include eggplant, stir fry greens, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, leeks, parsley, and butternut squash. In the winter we might pick for you kale, mandarins, broccoli, apples, leeks, cabbage, chard,lettuce, rutabagas, and fresh herbs. We recommend one box every week for families or two vegetarians.